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Access and retain millions of subscribers at nearly no acquisition costs
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Bundled is a platform creating a win-win model for subscription services and subscribers. Access millions of new customers, radically reduce your acquisition costs, drive up retention rates, all while not having to compete on price.

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Drive assured, sustained growth

We assure volume growth and work hard on retention. And we keep your acquisition costs low even for customers with high retention rates and lesser desire to churn.

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Increase retention and win-back

Bundled delivers 2-5X higher customer retention rates for our Partners. So, you retain customers longer, with higher engagement, and better win-back rates

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Partner through the lifecycle

We are not a traditional affiliate marketing channel, so our incentives are aligned with yours.

We don't offer your individual subscription at a discount, so the customer never sees a price lower than what you offer for your individual subscriptions - So no channel conflict.

And we partner with you to pilot new promos and understand your own customer segments better through targeted analytics

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Retain control on customer relationships

Customers sign up through Bundled and get billed by Bundled but you retain complete control and access to them as they use your services through your apps and channels.

Drive assured sustained growth

Our beta consumers have an average of 8.3 monthly subscriptions. Talk to us to learn more about these consumers and how we partner with you to acquire and engage these consumers at nearly no acquisition costs

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Subscription Upgrades

Increase retention and win-back rates

We know how retention is critical in the subscriptions.

Our algorithm has tested usage across subscriptions for a diverse range of micro segments and we design bundles that consumers love and stick to. We are so confident that we will guarantee retention rates for select segments.

Partner through the lifecycle

We do the legwork on marketing the right offers to the right consumers and driving growth for our partners.

We are not an affiliate marketing business so our incentives are aligned. We are focused on delivering the best long term value to our consumers and to our partners and are your champions across the entire consumer relationship cycle

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Retain control on your customer relationships

We make it easier for the consumers to sign up, pay, and get more value by bundling.

Consumers access your services directly through your platforms and the relationship between the customer and you remains the same.




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higher retention for partners from Bundled consumers

Frequently Asked Questions

This is new and can be confusing. Here are some answers to your most common questions:

What is Bundled?

Bundled offers customers a service that bundles their favorite streaming services and subscriptions into a single monthly bundle and helps them save between 30-50%. By combining these services, customers not only save more but also subscribe for longer periods and to more services.

Why should I partner with Bundled?

Bundled delivers material, measurable and near immediate incremental impact for its Partners:
- Millions of new customers (Yes. Literally Millions): Bundled is in beta or going live across 4 countries including the U.S., Canada, U.K. and India. Partnering with Bundled gets you access to millions of new subscribers almost immediately.
- Lower acquisition costs: We don’t charge you any affiliate marketing fees. We buy subscriptions in bulk from you at predetermined price points and help you get millions of new customers at much lower acquisition cost.
- Committed volumes (for anchor partners only): We will pre-commit a minimum number of subscriptions to you by geography. So, even if we cannot onboard the minimum threshold of subscribers, you still get the volumes.
- Higher retention: An average Bundled user has a retention rate of 150-300% higher when subscribing toa service through a bundle vs. the same service individually
- No channel conflict: We never offer your individual subscription at a discount. So, while we let the customer select individual, non-Bundled subscriptions if they want, these are not offered at a rate lower than what your prevailing rate, unless we agree upon running a promotion jointly.
- It's your customer: Bundled lets a customer signup once through Bundled and use the Bundled login credentials to access your subscription service too. So, you have direct access to the customer and the customer can use and engage with your services the same way they would if they directly subscribed with you.

Will Bundled sell my services at a discount?

No. We never sell your individual subscriptions at a rate lower than the prevailing rate that you are offering them at. We do let customers subscribe to your services individually through our website if they want to, but this is offered at rates that are pre-negotiated with you. We only offer discounts to customers when they buy a Bundle of subscriptions and services.

How can I partner with Bundled?

Reach out to our partnerships team now at

Where is Bundled based?

We are based in New York but are opening offices in Mumbai and London shortly.

What is the team behind Bundled?

The Bundled team has over 25 years of experience across McKinsey, Citi, Pepsico, and several other leading companies. Reach out to us to join the team at

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