We know this is New aND CAN BE confusing. HOPE THESE FAQs HELP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This is new and can be confusing. Here are some answers to your most common questions:

What is Bundled?
Can I add more services to my bundle?
How does Bundled work?
Can I cancel only one of the services in my bundle?
How are LevelUP Rewards calculated?
Can I access these services across multiple devices or households?
Can I keep my accounts with each of the services in my bundle if I cancel my Bundled membership?
Why should I choose Bundled?
What are the benefits of LevelUP Rewards?
Why does Bundled need my date of birth or other information?
What is the LevelUP Rewards program?
How much can I save through Bundled?
Can I upgrade only some of the services in my bundle?
How does Bundled bill me?
Can I transfer my existing subscription settings and profiles to Bundled?
What is the Bundled Price Guarantee?
Can I get just one individual subscription at a discounted price?
What is a base bundle?
What are the different LevelUP Rewards tiers?
Can I buy a single subscription instead of a Bundle?
What is one-click cancellation?
Do I get a unique account for each service in my bundle?
How do I move up in LevelUP Rewards tiers?
Does Bundled offer risk-free trials?
Can I access Bundled outside the US?
What are risk-free trials?
Can I move an existing subscription to Bundled?
What are member-only extended trials?
How often do Bundled prices change?
Can I switch to a different bundle?
Can I get a family account with Bundled?
How long does it take to activate the services in my Bundle?
How is Bundled able to give me a discounted price?
What are Bundled Flash Sales?

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