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Choose your Bundle and Sign Up

Choose your favorite Bundle and Sign Up. We have curated the top services at amazing discounts!


We activate your services

Sit back and relax. We activate your accounts at the chosen subscriptions in your bundle .


Get your new Username

Look for a welcome message from us with your unique username (e.g., and a temporary password for each service in your bundle.


One Login for everything!

Use your new Bundled username and password to access your subscriptions wherever they are available. No more juggling multiple Usernames!


Your dashboard is your hub

Need to update your bundle, payment info, or ask a question or track your rewards? Our dashboard is always there for you.

P.S. Remember, your temporary password is just a placeholder. Update it the first time you log in to each service for extra security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Confused? Here are some answers to your most common questions:
Can I keep my existing usernames and passwords across these subscriptions?

Nope! Think of Bundled as your new subscription BFF. We're giving you a fresh start with a single username and password for all your bundled services. It's like a magic key that unlocks all the subscription doors! ✨

What happens if I already have existing subscriptions with some or all the services in my bundle ?

You will need to manage or cancel your standalone subscriptions to any services that are part of your bundle. Managing subscriptions may be required to avoid multiple subscriptions and corresponding charges.

Can I move an existing subscription to Bundled?

Not at this time. But we're always working on new ways to make bundling even better. Stay tuned!

How long does it take to activate my services?

Usually within 24 hours. We're quick like that! ⚡️

Can I use my Bundled username to log in to the Bundled website?

Negative. Your registered email with Bundled is your ticket to the dashboard. Keep those two separate for maximum organization! The username we send to you is for accessing all the services in your bundle. Typically, your username will be

How soon can I access the services in my bundle?

Typically, you will receive a welcome eMail with your single username and temporary password at each service within minutes but at times, it can take us a few hours. If you haven't received your login details within 12 hours of signing up, please write to us at

How does Bundled bill me?

You get billed once a month for the Bundle you chose on your provided payment method. None of the providers in your Bundle bill you separately. For you its a single payment and one less thing to worry about!

How does Bundled handle payments for individual subscriptions?

We take care of everything behind the scenes, so you can focus on enjoying your subscriptions! Just one monthly payment from you, and we'll handle the rest. It's like having a subscription fairy godmother. ♀️

Can I cancel only one of the subscriptions from the Bundle that I have?

Yes, you can cancel part of a bundle. As an example, if you have subscribed to a Bundle with 3 streaming services in it, you can cancel one of them and still retain the other two. However, this will impact the Bundled discount. You can retain the other two services at the prevailing monthly price being offered by the subscription service. We never charge more than whatever is the current price being offered by any subscription service. You can cancel any add-ons at anytime without any impact on your Base Bundle discount.

What if I want to update my bundle or payment details?

Easy! Visit the Bundled dashboard anytime for updates, tweaks, and any questions you might have.

Still have questions?

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