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Bundled gives, savings, control, rewards.


Choose your Bundle and Sign Up

You choose one of our curated bundles to become a member. Each bundle has a mix of streaming and other subscriptions with 40% or higher discounts


Choose add-ons

Its not just streaming. Choose your add-ons including, fitness, news, learning, insurance and other recurring expenses, all offered at member-only prices


One Login for everything!

We give you a single Username and Password to access all the subscriptions in your bundle, wherever they are available. No more juggling multiple Usernames!


Unparalleled Control

You can add, cancel, modify any subscription all from within your Bundled dashboard with a single click. One-click cancellations are a real thing here


Rewards and more

Earn rewards and work your way upto Diamond Status. Get a dedicated membership manager and amazing customer service that is focused on saving you money and making your life easier.

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How it works
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