Simplifying Subscriptions

Our mission is simple - Help customers get the best possible value from their recurring expenses.

Who we are

We are a team of passionate builders across 3 continents. We are parents, chefs, musicians, tech geeks all working together to build Bundled. We have several decades of experience across McKinsey, Citi, Pepsico, and several other leading companies.

Reach out to us to join the team at

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Our Impact is Real

We are excited about solving the craziness around subscriptions. And we are having an impact.

Customer satisfaction

It's simple. Our customers love us and keep coming back for more deals to add on


Our members stay subscribed almost 3 times longer than unbundled customers.


We are one of the fastest growing consumer facing start-ups on a month-to-month basis

Average monthly savings

Our customers save atleast 38% on their subscriptions by bundling.

Our Values

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Consumer First. Always.

We are in this to delight our customers. From deals to experiences to service. Everything starts and ends with the consumers.

Question Everything

There are no holy grails. We question our own assumptions, and we test and refine them daily. We love data and we want to disrupt ourselves quickly

Leadership, not hierarchy

We are not about layers and seniority. Leadership does not mean hierarchy. Our team is non-hierarchical, and we strive to keep it that way.

Move Fast

Done is better than best. We are iterative, we move fast, and want to be more effective and more agile everyday.

Always Win-Win

We are radically transparent with our customers and our partners. And we only build products where everyone wins.

Have Fun

We won’t succeed if we aren’t having fun and learning and growing while doing it.

Get in touch today

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