The Video and Audio Bundle

Save $228 annually by bundling Netflix, Max, Disney+, Hulu and Spotify.

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The Video and Audio Bundle

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Compare to $84.88 for Netflix Annually, $119.88 for Max, $95.88 for Disney+, $95.88 for Hulu and $131.99 for Spotify Individual

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% on monthly fees

Save $228 annually by bundling Netflix, Max, Disney+, Hulu and Spotify.

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Access through all apps and devices supported by these streaming services

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Cancel any one of or all the services in your Bundle at anytime*

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Control your subscriptions and recurring spend through a single platform

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Backed by the Bundled Lowest Price Guarantee

*Cancellation of a single service within the base Bundle may affect the discounted Bundled price

Frequently Asked Questions

This is new and can be confusing. Here are some answers to your most common questions:
What is Bundled?

Bundled is a service that lets you combine your favorite streaming services and subscriptions into a single monthly bundle and save between 30-50%. By combining your services, you pay much lesser than what you would have paid by subscribing to each of the streaming services in your bundle individually.

What happens if I am already subscribed to some of the services in the Bundle?

As of now, we cannot transfer an existing subscription to Bundled (we are working on getting that rolling shortly). We create new accounts at each service provider in your Bundle using the eMail address you use to signup for Bundled itself. You receive a temporary password for each of these services once these accounts are activated. You can change this password the first time you log in and... that's it. We take care of the rest. In case you cancel your Bundled subscription, you retain the subscription accounts at each of the services in your Bundle but will need to update the payment method.

What is a Base Bundle?

Base Bundles are our curated Bundles of the most popular combinations of subscriptions and streaming services. These can be a mix of only streaming services, streaming and TV, and streaming and music services. Any base bundle will save you at least 30% of your monthly bills.

What is the Bundled Price Guarantee?

The Bundled Price Guarantee is a two part promise:
1) We will not raise the price of your Bundle for the first 12 months of you signing up, regardless how much each of the subscription providers in your Bundle raise their prices by.
2) We will always be the lowest price Bundle that you can get on the market for the specific combination of services in your base Bundle.

How long does it take to activate the services in my Bundle?

Typically, you will receive a welcome eMail with your new usernames and temporary passwords at each service within minutes but at times, it can take us a few hours. If you haven't received your login details within 12 hours of signign up, please write to us at

How does Bundled bill me?

You get billed once a month for the Bundle you chose on your provided payment method. None of the providers in your Bundle bill you separately.

Can I get an individual service at a discounted price?

You can buy individual subscriptions of any service provider but you won’t be able to avail of a discount unless you subscribe to at least one Base Bundle.

Can I cancel only one of the subscriptions from the Bundle that I have?

Yes, you can cancel part of a bundle. As an example, if you have subscribed to a Bundle with 3 streaming services in it, you can cancel one of them and still retain the other two. However, this will impact the Bundled discount. You can retain the other two services at the prevailing monthly price being offered by the subscription service. We never charge more than whatever is the current price being offered by any subscription service. You can cancel any add-ons at anytime without any impact on your Base Bundle discount.

Still have questions?

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